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Interview with Jesper Laudon Meyer – Compliance Officer, Norron


Jesper Laudon Meyer – Compliance Officer, Norron

Tell us about your background
I did my law degree at Uppsala University and graduated in 2016 (LL.M.). Prior to joining Norron, I worked at an international law firm in Stockholm where I specialized in remunerations and benefits.

What attracted you with the finance sector?
Even though I did end up studying law, I have always had a keen interest in finance and fascination with the sector. It is an industry that always feels topical and never stops evolving, even more so with the recent digitalization. The development opportunities are pretty much endless, which is something that appeals to me.

Why Norron?
I quickly got a very good impression of Norron. It’s an organization that is characterized by professionalism and ambition but with a flat structure where someone like me, who is early on in their career, get plenty of opportunities to learn and develop. Since Norron is a smaller player in the market it has been possible for me to be exposed to and learn many valuable aspects of both the business and the industry as a whole, something that may not have been possible in a larger organization. I was also attracted to Norron’s ambition to recruit and develop young talent which shows that they care about their employees’ career progression and satisfaction. For me this has meant more responsibility early on.

Tell us about your role
The finance industry is heavily regulated. As the compliance responsible, I work independently, and my role is to ensure that the organization always complies with applicable laws and regulations, which I then report on to the board. I look after internal rules and make sure that our guidelines and procedures are adequate and efficient from a regulatory point of view. My remit also involves giving advice to and support the business function as well as educating Norron’s employees, so they keep a high level of knowledge and competency.

Which of your personal traits are beneficial in your role?
As a legal practitioner, I must say that I am organized. I also have integrity, which, in my view, is a prerequisite for this role.

What traits are the most important ones to possess for this job?
As mentioned above, integrity is important when you work in compliance. It is also important to have a good understanding of the business. The compliance function is not only a controlling function but should also be there to support and advise the business in its entirety.

What do you like the most with Norron?
Working with very skilled and driven colleagues. I constantly learn new things. Another thing that is important is that I know that I will always have a fun day at work, which makes getting out of bed easier. The lovely office in central Stockholm is an added bonus.

What makes Norron unique?
The competency and the professionalism. Norron’s four cornerstones are; common sense, competency, accessibility and transparency and they do permeate the entire business.

Describe the corporate culture at Norron

In addition to what I have already outlined, the lack of prestige within the firm and the fact that everyone is happy to share their knowledge and experience. There is also very good atmosphere in the office.

What are your thoughts about the future?
Norron is growing and I am excited to be part of this positive development. Then we’ll have to see
what the future holds.