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Our distribution partners in Sweden

Our distribution partners in Norway

Direct Investment

Norron AB is a securities company responsible for managing the funds. FundRock Management Services SA manages all administration, including purchase and sales orders.

Here you can read how to buy and sell shares in the Fund.

For each fund in Norron SICAV there is a Retail Class and an Institutional Class. The minimum amount for the Retail class is 100 SEK. For the Institutional Class the minimum deposit is 20 million SEK.

As an individual or institution, you can contact one of our distributors in order to subscribe for shares in the Retail Class.

Institutional investors can also invest directly in the fund by opening an account with FundRock Management Services in Luxembourg. The easiest way to Contact FundRock Management Services in Luxembourg is via email


Retail Class Institutional Class
Norron Target LU0580531472 LU0580530821
Norron Select LU0580532280 LU0580531803
Norron Preserve LU0580530409 LU0580529906
Norron Active LU0619829491 LU0619828923
Norron Premium LU0772833314 LU0906828909
Norron Sustainable Equity LU1982817865

If you have any questions, you are welcome to contact us at Norron.

Alexander Zetterquist, VD Norron AB
Oxtorgsgatan 4
111 57 Stockholm
Tel.: +46 8 555 069 40