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The site contains cookies

A cookie is a small text file with information sent from our web server and saved by your browser. Cookies are used to make web pages better suited to you and your choices.

On Norron’s web site, cookies are used to remember your browser, for example, language selection and user statistics.

Collection of statistics

In our quest to continuously improve our services, we map some information about how our visitors navigate on our site. This is to be able to read, for example, which pages are most popular, so that they can be highlighted and easier to find.

Accept cookies

By using the site you agree to Norron’s use of cookies as described above.

Decline use of cookies

If you do not want to accept cookies, your browser can be set so that you automatically decline cookies storage or are informed every time a site requests to store a cookie. Through the browser, previously stored cookies can also be deleted. See the browser’s help pages for more information. However, this will cause the availability of the website to be limited.