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UN Global Compact and Sustainability Goals (SDGs):

One of the fundamental factors that we look at in our internal sustainability analysis is whether companies are members of the UN Global Compact and thus commit to comply with their 10 principles on human rights, anti-corruption, labour law and environmental work. We believe that it is a very good starting point for committed and purposeful sustainability work and we are continuously working to influence the companies that have not signed the UN Global Compact to do so. Another important part of our sustainability work is the 17 UN Global Goals for Sustainable Development (SDGs). Based on these global sustainability goals, companies can focus their sustainability efforts on a number of selected goals where they can make the biggest difference. By concentrating sustainability work in this way, the company gets a better focus and overview of the work and contributes to increased transparency for internal and external evaluation and reporting. The fact that companies clearly report active and dedicated sustainability work is good for the environment and society. For us at Norron, this is also positive from a financing perspective as it facilitates our work to direct the fund holders’ capital towards companies that act sustainably and with a long-term perspective.

We at Norron would like to share with you how our funds are weighted towards the global sustainability goals so that you as an investor can make your own assessment and comparison of Norron’s funds. The picture shows a percentage for each sustainability goal, e.g. 24%, which represents the proportion of companies in the fund that focus their sustainability work on the specific goal – note in this regard that it is common for companies to focus on more than one sustainability goal in their sustainability work. The information is updated monthly, and the picture is only intended to provide an up-to-date understanding of the proportion of companies in the fund that focus on the respective sustainability goals. The information should therefore not be seen as a measure of the outcome of the fund’s sustainability work. In order to give a true and fair view of the fund’s sustainability focus, the presentation of the SDGs should be studied together with the fund’s other sustainability criteria. To be able to offer investors a diversified portfolio, it is also important that the fund has the opportunity to invest in companies throughout our Nordic investment university working for long-term sustainable development. Norron has therefore chosen not to limit the fund’s investments to only a few specific sustainability targets.